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The book has been re-written, new songs have been added and some re-arranged. A.D. is now “A TASTE OF HEAVEN the musical”.

The Synopsis

“A TASTE OF HEAVEN The Musical” gives audiences of all ages the inspirational message of God’s love in an entertaining and enlightening way. More than 20 songs in this “play-within-a-play” help weave a colorful story about some of the people who encountered Jesus during his life on Earth.

The lighthearted but moving musical, tells the story of Morty, a new Angel, that is sent back down to Earth with the Old Testament prophet, Isaiah, to produce a musical revue that reminds people of Jesus’ love for them. Along the way, they cast a varied group of actors to portray the characters in Jesus’ life, and the cast learns much about themselves and Jesus’ purpose for their lives. The story takes an interesting turn when the Angel Morty falls for Sandra, an actress he casts to play the role of Mary. Tensions arise but God steps in for the surprise ending and sings the rousing finale to A TASTE OF HEAVEN The Musical.

Listen to an audio promo of the show:

The Inspiration

Famed voiceover artist Harlan Rector was inspired to write the book and lyrics to “A TASTE OF HEAVEN The Musical” (ATOH). As a Christian, Harlan has shared his faith in a variety of ways including an award-winning radio series titled, L.I.G.H.T. Harlan not only created the story of “ATOH” but also the lyrics to more than 20 powerful and entertaining songs, something he had never done before . God worked through him to get the message of His love through to audiences in a humorous, entertaining and enlightening way.

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Ad The Musical A TASTE Of Heaven The Musical, begins and ends in Heaven. In between, a cast of actors sing over 20 songs portraying biblical characters who were close to Jesus. God sings the rousing finale. Click on the A.D. logo to learn more.
L.I.G.H.T. L.I.G.H.T., an acronym for Living In God's Hands Today, is an award winning radio drama series that is now being developed into a half-hour dramatic television series. Click on the L.I.G.H.T. logo to learn more.